The HomeOwnership Company

We are both a Real Estate and a Mortgage Company. We have created programs for you by reducing our fee for service.

Selling A Home?
Why pay 6% or more to a real estate company when we offer the same or better service for 1%, plus the Buyer Agent Fee. Our full-service listings sell for full value and you will net more money on the sale of your home with the lower fee for service.

Buying A Home?
We may have the best buyer program in the United States.
The standard way of purchasing a home is to pay a lender 3% for closing costs, and then be at the mercy of the lender for your interest rate. 
With our Buyer HomeOwnership Program, your buyer agent gives you a rebate to pay your closing costs, and the mortgage department gives you a substantial mortgage credit to buy down your interest rate. We challenge you to find a lower interest rate!

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